Conscious coaching helps renew your connection with your true, authentic self. Whether you’re frustrated with your relationship, feel stuck in a rut or lost as to what you’re doing with your life, conscious coaching allows you to connect to yourself on a deeper level. Conscious coaching combines the non-judgemental, confidential, sacred space of therapy with the encouragement, support and loyalty of a friend.Conscious coaching is not for the faint of heart, it requires the courage to look within and uncover the true source the unpleasant situations in our life. While sometimes daunting, the reward is absolutely life changing.
My approach takes a deep dive into your relationship with yourself. We leave behind the idea that you are here to be fixed; something is not ``wrong`` with you. Instead, you are seen as whole only requiring guidance to get back in touch with who you truly are and what you truly want.Like therapy, we discuss the areas in your life you're seeking change or improvement. Different than therapy, we spend very little time in your past, only dipping into your childhood when necessary to uncover patterns that are relevant to your life today.Therapy is a wonderful process for individuals seeking diagnosis and/or treatment for mental health areas like depression, anxiety and personality disorders. While I do hold sessions for individuals with these diagnoses, it is important to remain under the care of your psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist.If you are seeking a mental health referral, I have an extensive list of therapists and psychologists I'd be happy to share with you.
Conscious parenting focuses on establishing a strong, healthy connection with your child. While the goal is to help your child, we begin by diving into the relationship you, the parent, have with yourself. During our time together, we will develop curated parenting approaches for you and your family. We partner together and explore the questions you have about where your family is today and how you can shift them into a better place.Our sessions will help you remove the stress, frustration and disappointment of parenting and achieve a sense of lightness and joy in parenting, allowing you to watch your children naturally blossom.
Coaching tends to be time-bound, meaning we continue our partnership until you’ve achieved your goals, rather than continuing for an indefinite period of time. As much as I’d love to be with you forever, our work will allow you to carry-on with all the tools you’ll need.
My wish is that anyone who desires to gain a more conscious way of living will have access to do so. We will discuss costs during your discovery call.
All sessions will take place using Zoom. You’ll find a quiet, confidential space to hold our session so that your time 100% about you, fully focused on you and free of distraction. Some of my clients take calls from their bedrooms, out in the backyard or even in their cars!
Anything we discuss is strictly held in confidence between the two of us. However, if at any time there is mention of self-harm or harming another, it is my responsibility to take action and ensure safety for all.
While we will certainly discuss your children, co-parent, partner, or spouse our primary work will be focused on you. In special cases, after we’ve achieved your goals, family members may join if we feel this is beneficial to all parties.