"See a child differently, you see a different child." - Dr. Stuart Shanker

When we’re in the depths of parenting, we quickly realize parenting isn’t a walk in the park. We try anything and everything to find a solution to our parenting problem:  books, different discipline strategies, we talk to other parents, teachers, therapists and even our pediatricians. Yet none of these sources know our child as well as we do.

Conscious parenting is anything but traditional. We look at the child as whole, needing connection above all else. Now, of course, our children display behaviors that aren’t so desirable. It is in these behaviors we will find the true need of your child.

In our sessions, we discuss what parenting issues are currently arising for you. We dive deep into the feelings that are going on inside of you; if you are like most of my parent clients, you probably feel:

  • Exhausted from trying to get your child to listen
  • Frustrated your child isn’t responding to discipline
  • Angry at your co-parent or partner for not parenting like you
  • Worried your child might not be accepted because of their differences
  • Scared your child will never change their behavior
  • Disappointed in yourself for not being able to raise a “good” child

There is one thing you must remember: compassion for yourself.

As a parent in the current world we live in, the constant chatter of having an exceptionally gifted child is bound to have an effect on us. We push our children out of fear that they won’t be someone special.

Once you begin the process of conscious parenting, the way you look at your child will be forever changed. If you’re like most of my parent clients, you’ll begin to feel:

  • Connected to your child on a deeper level
  • Comforted in knowing your child is whole
  • Calm rather than reactive to your child’s big feelings
  • Confident in the boundaries you set for your child
  • Cautious with who you allow into your child’s life
  • Grounded in knowing you parent out of love rather than fear
  • Secure with your own self, showing your child true self-love
  • Attuned to your child’s needs, discerning if they require connection or correction


The new mom life is anything but normal. Culture tells us the new mom should be flooded with unconditional love, forever pouring out with gratitude that they’ve earned the title of mother. Yet, most new moms rarely feel this euphoric state.

The process of becoming a mother is filled with excitement of the unknown. What we aren't prepared for is the complete identity shift that comes with this new chapter.

Becoming a mother requires us to carve out room in our lives for so much more than the needs of another human. Our bodies belong to another, our time belongs to another even our sleep is no longer ours. We also shift our identity in relationships, making time for your child but also your partner, your family, your friends and your work. We adjust to staying at home or hiring a stranger to care for your child while you go back to work. The adjustments we have to make are endless and it's no surprise we need support from others to adjust to this new normal.

If you're like the other mothers in my practice, after our sessions you'll begin to feel:

  • Confident in your way of parenting
  • Connected to your inner knowing of what your child needs
  • Comfortable taking time to be alone, without your child
  • Calm even when you aren’t able to soothe your child immediately
  • Careful with who you share your time and child with
  • Carefree in others opinions of your child or your parenting
  • Accepting of yourself in your new role as mom

Conscious coaching gives you the space to speak openly in a judgement-free, comfortable environment. Instead of hearing how you should parent from friends and family, instead we talk about how you really feel, what you really need to talk about.

Through our sessions, you'll discover your true power as a new mom.