Our relationships speak to our own self worth

It is through consciousness, that we are able to be fully authentic and present in our relationships. Why bend and mold yourself to meet the needs of others, when you can simply be who it is that you are?

Everyone has their vision of an ideal relationship.

Our beliefs surrounding marriage (that we adopted from our families) are typically not the same as our spouse or partner. These differences can cause strain and strife in relationships. If you're like most of my clients, you tend to feel:

Whether you believe your parents had the perfect marriage or you've done everything in your power to not recreate your parent's dynamic - we learn how to love from our parents.

  • Disconnected from your partner and how things used to be
  • Exhausted from having the same argument over and over
  • Frustrated your partner won't change his/her behaviors
  • Upset your partner doesn't give you the attention you desire
  • Unheard, unseen or unimportant in your relationship
  • Fearful to address recurring issues in your relationship
  • Annoyed your partner doesn't parent like you do
  • Worried your relationship isn't going to last forever

Our work together in conscious relationships strengthens the connection with yourself, allowing you to more present than ever in your relationship. Like most of my clients, you will feel:

  • Confident in staying true to yourself while being in a relationship
  • Clear-minded in how you want your relationship to grow
  • Capable of seeing your co-creation in the relationship
  • Comfortable setting boundaries
  • Connected to your needs and able to express them
  • Communicative from a place of love instead of fear or anger
  • Courageously open to the unknown reality of all relationships